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Hi! My name is Matt, and I’m here to help grow your business.

Do you own, manage or run a professional services business?

What’s the state of your IT systems?

  • Do they support your business?
  • Do they support your staff?
  • Do they enable your people to deliver great results to your clients as efficiently and quickly as possible?
  • Do they enable your people to work from anywhere?
  • Do they make life easier, for both you and your team?
  • Does your team love the tools they have?

The IT industry is changing, and options that used to be reserved for the big players are now available to anyone. This is the power of The Cloud, and it marks a fundamental shift in the IT industry. The Cloud is levelling the playing field for businesses of all sizes. The very same software and tools that used to only be affordable by the biggest players in your industry are now available to anyone with a credit card and a laptop.

You may have heard about The Cloud, and wondered if it’s applicable to your business.

This is where I can help.


I work with companies and firms based all over Australia. I help business owners to review the current state of their IT systems and identify areas where the current technology is holding people back, and where we can improve either:

  • Personal efficiencies – helping your team access the right information at the right time, to deliver world-class results for your clients. Ensuring your people have access to the tools they need to do an outstanding job for your clients.
  • Time efficiencies – helping your team take advantage of new technology to streamline their time. The technology landscape has changed so rapidly – many of your clients now have a mobile phone or tablet that is more than capable of running a video call. Why not take advantage of this to reduce travel requirements? Your staff will be more productive (no lost travel time), their quality of life will improve (less time away from home) allowing you to recruit and retain the best, and most importantly of all, the clients receive a better class of service.
  • Business efficiencies – helping your backoffice team provide the insight necessary to support and build your business. This could be as simple as changing the IT investment model from a stepped, large up-front cap-ex into a lean monthly per-user op-ex to improve cashflow, through to deploying backoffice financial or ERP systems that provide access to correct, up-to-date information from anywhere that empowers you to make the right calls.

On a business trip one day, I was talking to the cabbie who was driving me to the airport. He was a 72 year old man, who co-owned a very popular Brisbane bar and club (his business partner was 75). He liked driving cabs simply to chat with different people during the day. When he found out I was a cloud specialist, he was so excited, and proceeded to tell me how he had recently changed his financial software for the hotel to a cloud-based system. He could now simply pick up his tablet device at the breakfast table, and instantly see how much money the bar had made the previous night. He could keep tabs on stock levels during the day from his cab. And if he needed to make a call to a supplier, he had all his business contacts synced to his phone and could make the call whenever was convenient. Previously, to do any of that, he would have to physically go into the office. It had changed his life and unlocked his time. Now, he can run his business from anywhere.

This is the power of the cloud.

And what’s more, if a pair of 70+ year old fellows can do it, so can you.

But that’s just one example. I’ve gone all-in on cloud technology and systems myself. I run my entire business, helping people all over Australia, from my home base using a laptop, a mobile phone, and an internet connection. I work remotely with my clients all the time – Email, IM, phone calls or skype video meetings mean we can stay in touch just as easily as if we were in the same town. You get the benefit of being able to call me whenever you need, without the drawbacks of travel expense and lost time. That said, I still travel quite frequently (some things are best done face to face), and like to catch up with each of my clients whenever I’m in town.

Get in touch and we can have a free, no-obligation chat (either in person or via Skype) to understand where I’ll be able to help you and your team.


Client Testimonials

When I came to set up my new legal practice I knew I’d need IT systems and a website, but I didn’t know where to start. A friend recommended that I speak to Matt. Matt put together a plan tailored to my business, and together we built a brand new website and set up Email, Office 365 and all the other systems that I needed to get up and running. By building the systems in stages we’ve kept initial investment low, and we’ve avoided all the normal headaches. Matt is very easy to deal with and explains everything in plain English. I would recommend Matt to anyone looking for a high quality result.

Kim Breda, Principal Lawyer, Sydney Compensation Specialists


We partnered with Matt to set up all the IT systems for our business. Matt deployed a variety of cloud-based systems so all our staff have access to all their information (emails, documents, contacts, etc) from anywhere in the world. This lets us service clients all over Australia without having to worry about servers or managing IT. Matt was able to quickly understand our business model and recommend the right tools for the job.

Samantha Donaldson, Practice Manager, Donaldson Law

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Who Is Matt?

I’ve spent over 16 years in corporate IT, working for one of Australia’s largest PI law firms. Over this time I’ve filled many different roles:

  • Applications Developer – programming custom data apps, databases & reporting.
  • Network Admin – routers, switches, LANs, WANS, and wires. Foundation-level stuff.
  • Business Analyst – identifying IT solutions to business problems
  • Infrastructure Manager – delivering the computing horsepower and keeping the lights on
  • Enterprise Architect – identifying industry trends and opportunities, and building strategic plans to take advantage of them

This breadth of experience, culminating in the overarching Principal Architect role has given me a unique background in how a large business can use IT systems to empower and enable it’s people to deliver world-class results for it’s clients.

I deeply understand the unique challenges and requirements that professional services firms have on their business systems. I understand the huge financial benefits that come with improving team productivity, as well as the benefits that your clients receive when your team has seamless access to the information they need to do the job.

From a technical perspective, I hold a Bachelor degree in Information Technology – Applied Computer Science, as well as completing various industry and vendor certifications along the way (Microsoft, Cisco, etc).

I’ve had extensive experience in approaching problems from different angles, as well as having a wide exposure to the challenges across a lot of business units. This unique experience lets me quickly review your business, systems and processes with you, and come up with a plan that suits your exact requirements. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, or a cookie-cutter “packaged solutions” approach, preferring to tailor-fit your solution to your business need.

When I started my career, the firm I was working for had 80 staff and 2 offices. We went through rapid growth, and by the time I left, we supported over 750 users across 40 sites both spread across Australia as well as internationally. At every stage of growth, the business has needed different solutions. It can be confusing when the things that always worked for you in the past are no longer suitable. I’m here to help guide your technology decisions as your business grows.

I’ve spent the last 16 years using IT systems to revolutionise how a business runs as it grows. Now I want to use my experience to help you do the same. That’s why I’ve gone all-in to start this business – I believe in the power of this new generation of cloud services to deliver a real difference to your business and your clients.

Now is your chance to get ahead of the pack.

Here’s a quick look at some of the areas that I specialise in:

Cloud Computing
Microsoft Azure
Legal IT
Corporate Enterprise IT
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

I’ve spent many years working with Cloud platforms, including Software-As-A-Service, Platform-As-A-Service and Virtual Infrastructure. Cloud platforms let you tap into vast, professional-level systems and processes without requiring a business to purchase, build and maintain on-premise servers or invest significant capital up front.

Some of the platforms that I’ve worked extensively with:

  • Microsoft Office365 – Essential online productivity and collaboration suite
  • Microsoft Azure – Cloud computing platform for building awesome business solutions
  • Dropbox – reliable, fast and secure file syncing for staff and sharing with external people or clients
  • Dynamics CRM Online – Enterprise-grade Client Relationship Management platform
  • Dynamics Marketing Online – Integrated with CRM Online for complete sales funnel management
  • ClearDB – cloud-scale MySQL databases as a service
  • Cloud-hosted linux-based Totara LMS – integrated Learning Management System
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

I’ve been working with the Microsoft Azure platform for years, and have experience across the entire range of services and systems that it comprises. Here’s a small example of some of the great results I’ve achieved with it:

  • Azure Virtual Infrastructure – building a “virtual datacentre” in Azure that’s seamlessly connected to the internal network, allowing unlimited growth and scale without needing to rent more DC rack space or purchase servers
  • Azure Virtual Networks – Connecting together multiple Azure sites around the world via Site-to-site VPN links or Expressroute connections, and linking it all seamlessly back into your internal network.
  • Azure Websites – running high-performance WordPress sites securely inside the automatically scalable Website-as-a-service infrastructure
  • AzureAD – Configuring Single-Sign-on and directory sync between on-premise networks and Azure AD so that staff can log into ALL their services (whether on-prem, cloud-based or third party) with the same set of corporate credentials
  • Azure Backup Vault – protecting both on-prem and cloud-based workloads and storing the long-term backups safely in the cloud vault, removing the need for expensive tape auto changers and ongoing storage costs and work.
Legal IT

Legal IT

With over 16 years experience in IT working for one of Australia’s largest PI law firms, I understand the unique challenges that law firms experience with their IT systems, such as:

  • client confidentiality and information security,
  • state-specific advertising legislation (is your website compliant with your Law Society’s guidelines?),
  • trust accounting compliance for finance/ERP systems,
  • ensuring information and system availability – critical for time-based billing – you’re losing money every minute your people are waiting for information.

If you are looking for IT advice for your firm, if you’re looking to technology to better position your firm for serving and engaging your clients, or if you’re just starting out and setting up a brand new firm, give me a call and we can come up with a plan and a design that suits your business model. One size most definitely does not suit all. Rest assured you’ll be working with someone who understands the specific idiosyncrasies of the industry.



The future of work doesn’t involve sitting down at a desk in the same place from day to day. Unchain yourself and your team from the old style IT systems that only work in the office, on a PC. Securely access the information that you need to make smart decisions whilst out and about – traveling, meeting with a client, or working from home. Work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

My work “office” consists of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet/laptop, a Jabra Motion UC headset, and an Apple iPhone. This combo travels everywhere with me, and allows me to access all my information, files and business systems from anywhere on the planet just as easily as if I was sitting at my desk at work. I can make and receive business calls on the same number regardless of where I am thanks to the magic of Skype For Business. And with my Office 365 email and other cloud services, all I need is an internet connection (shared from the iPhone when out and about) and I can work from anywhere.

This isn’t far-fetched, expensive or even difficult these days – talk to me about how we can unlock this for your business.



I’ve had significant experience in building a range of business solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. These include:

  • Dynamics AX 2012– Design and build of multiple Dynamics AX environments, from small-scale (2 production users) up to environments used as the ERP for an entire business. Both on-prem environments built from scratch, as well as Azure-based environments deployed from the LifeCycle Services portal. Full integration with existing on-prem systems.
  • Dynamics CRM On-Prem – Design and build of multiple CRM on-prem environments (both in on-prem DCs, as well as in Azure), including integration with websites, email systems and web APIs.
  • Dynamics CRM Online – Design, deployment and configuration of Dynamics CRM online organisations where the full extensibility of the CRM On-Prem infrastructure wasn’t required.
  • Dynamics Marketing – lead generation and qualification platform for consolidated digital marketing. Integrated with Dynamics CRM to give complete sales funnel visibility and management.
Corporate Enterprise IT

Corporate Enterprise IT

With over 15 years working in Corporate and Enterprise level IT, I understand the drivers, governance and reporting requirements that a professional business has on it’s IT systems.

My career experience in a number of roles from Support, Network Ops, App Dev, Data and Reporting, Compute and Storage enables me to identify and solve problems holistically across the IT Environment, because I’ve been in the various roles myself. This foundation lets me be very effective in my current role of Principal Architect. I’m able to draw on my front-line, day-to-day experience to ensure that the strategic design, roadmap or integrations are not only achieveable and realistic but actually drive benefits across the entire team and firm.

Contact Me


Now you know a bit about me and what I do.

If anything here sounds like it would help you and your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can book a time directly with the Microsoft Bookings app embedded here –>

I look forward to seeing how we can simplify and supercharge your business IT.

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