Azure Tech update – ASM and ARM Deployments.

Azure Tech update – ASM and ARM Deployments.

This is a nerdy post for cloud admins who are dealing with mixed-mode Azure deployments, or who have built significant infrastructure in ASM (classic mode).

This is great news for Azure admins.

There’s now some new automated options when it comes to migrating virtual machines from ASM to ARM modes, which should be *very* useful to anyone finding themselves in this situation. You could do it previously, but it was a bit messy and very manual. These new tools significantly streamline the process.

MigAz in particular looks very promising, due to it’s ability to template a deployment for re-deployment. For self-service DevOp shops, this could form the basis of a great solution.

The ASR option is also interesting, simply because it uses the existing tech in a new way to achieve the same result. I could see this being a good option for environments currently running a hybrid network with some on-prem resources, some ASM and some ARM workloads. The team would only need to learn the one toolkit to migrate any workloads into the new ARM environment. The clear benefit being a quicker, reliable path to a cleaned up, simplified network topology.

Details and all the technical information from the experts over at Kloud here:


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